Embrace risc-v development world mega innovated GD32VF103 series risc-v MCU

Embrace risc-v development world mega innovated GD32VF103 series risc-v MCU

tenco 2019-08-24

Zhaoyi innovated to launch GD32V series risc-v kernel 32-bit general MCU new products, now, directly use GD32V series 32-bit general MCU to embrace the development world of risc-v with creative inspiration!

On August 22, 2019, Beijing, China - the industry's leading supplier of semiconductor trillion easy innovation GigaDevice (stock code: 603986) announced that in the industry take the lead in introducing open source RISC instruction set architecture - V general micro controller field, officially launched the world's first based on the kernel's GD32V series 32-bit RISC -v general MCU - GD32VF103 series products, to provide from the chip to the program design of code base, development kits, complete tools such as chain support and continue to build RISC - V ecological development.

As the first product series of GD32 MCU family based on risc-v kernel, the new GD32VF103 risc-v MCU is oriented to mainstream development needs, and provides a cost-effective innovation option for risc-v to enter the mainstream market with balanced processing efficiency and system resources.The first batch of the new product offers 14 models, including QFN36, LQFP48, LQFP64 and LQFP100 packaging types, and maintains complete compatibility with existing products in software development and pin packaging.This unprecedented and innovative design builds a fast channel between GD32 Arm® kernel products and risc-v kernel products, making product selection and design switching across processor cores more flexible, making code migration easier and shortening the development cycle.It is fully applicable to deep embedded market applications in industrial control, consumer electronics, emerging IOT, edge computing, artificial intelligence and vertical industries.

Fully optimized risc-v processor core

GD32VF103 series MCU adopts the brand-new based on open source RISC instruction set architecture - V Bumblebee processor core, is a mega easy innovation (GigaDevice) hand in hand, China's leading RISC processor core IP and solution vendors - V core to science and Technology (Nuclei System Technology) for the Internet of things and other ultra low power application scenario independent joint development of a commercial RISC processor core - V.

The Bumblebee kernel USES the 32-bit risc-v open source instruction set architecture and supports customization of instructions to optimize the interrupt handling mechanism.Not only is it equipped with a 64-bit wide real-time timer that generates timer interrupts defined by the risc-v standard, but it also supports dozens of external interrupt sources, 16 interrupt levels and priorities, and supports interrupt nesting and fast vector interrupt handling mechanisms.Low power management can support two levels of sleep mode.The kernel supports standard JTAG interface and risc-v debugging standard, suitable for hardware breakpoints and interactive debugging.The Bumblebee kernel also supports the risc-v standard compilation toolchain, as well as the Linux/Windows graphical integrated development environment.

The Bumblebee kernel is designed with a two-level variable-size pipeline microarchitecture, equipped with a streamlined instruction prefetch unit and a dynamic branch predictor, and incorporates a variety of low-power design methods.It can achieve the performance and frequency of traditional three-level pipeline at the cost of two-level pipeline, and realize the first-class energy efficiency ratio and cost advantage in the industry.This allows the GD32VF103 MCU to achieve a performance of 153 DMIPS at the highest main frequency. CoreMark® test also achieved 360 points of excellent performance. Compared with the GD32 Cortex® -m3 kernel product, the performance is improved by 15%, while the dynamic power consumption is reduced by 50% and standby power consumption is reduced by 25%.

GD32VF103 series risc-v kernel 32-bit universal MCU

Mainstream balanced first product mix

GD32VF103 series risc-v MCU provides 108MHz arithmetic main frequency, 16KB to 128KB on-chip flash memory and 6KB to 32KB SRAM cache. GFlash ® patented technology supports kernel access flash high-speed zero wait.The Bumblebee kernel also includes a single-period hardware multiplier, hardware divider, and accelerator for advanced computing and data processing challenges.

The chip USES 2.6v-3.6v power supply, I/O port can withstand 5V level.Equipped with a 16-bit advanced timer supporting three-phase PWM complementary output and hall acquisition interface for vector control, it also has up to 4 16-bit general timers, 2 16-bit basic timers and 2 multi-channel DMA controllers.The newly designed interrupt controller (ECLIC) provides up to 68 external interrupts and can be nested with 16 programmable priorities to enhance real-time performance control.

A variety of peripherals for a wide range of mainstream applications, including up to 3 USART, 2 UART, 3 SPI, 2 I2C, 2 I2S, 2 can2.0b and 1 USB 2.0fs OTG, as well as external bus extension controller (EXMC).Among them, the newly designed I2C interface supports fast Plus (Fm+) mode, with a maximum frequency of 1 MHz (1MB/s), twice the previous speed.The SPI interface also supports four wires and adds a variety of transport modes. It also makes it easy to extend Quad SPI NOR Flash for high-speed access.The built-in USB 2.0 FSOTG interface can provide Device, HOST, OTG and other modes.External bus extension controller (EXMC) is more convenient to connect to external memory like NOR Flash and SRAM.

The new product integrates 2 12-bit high-speed adcs with sampling rate up to 2.6M SPS, provides up to 16 multiplexable channels, supports 16-bit hardware oversampler filtering function and configurable resolution function, and has 2 12-bit dacs.Up to 80% of GPIO has a variety of optional features and supports port remapping, continuously meeting the needs of mainstream development applications with flexible and rich connectivity.

GD32VF103 series risc-v kernel universal 32-bit MCU product line

"Siuyi innovation is the benchmark of China's integrated circuit industry and the leading supplier of general MCU in China," said hu zhenbo, CEO of xinlai technology.At present, xinlai technology has the leading research and development capacity of core IP and tool chain of risc-v processor, and is at the forefront of r&d and industrialization of risc-v embedded processor in China.The cooperation between the two sides will definitely bring risc-v to the ground, bring new breakthroughs and form a new pattern for China general MCU in the AIoT era, and work together with the majority of users for win-win results."

"Risc-v system has been rising rapidly in the world and has become a rapid development trend in semiconductor industry, industrial control, Internet of things, intelligent terminal and other application fields," said deng yu, executive vice President of innovation and general manager of MCU business division.Zhaoyi innovation is the first company in the industry to launch 32-bit general MCU products based on risc-v architecture and continue to build the development ecology of risc-v, which will further meet the market's differentiated demand for open architecture and help give play to its cost advantage, so that the GD32 MCU 'department store', which is constantly enriched and improved, will continue to provide more innovative options for users."

Continuous development of risc-v development ecology

Zhaoyi innovation has been providing rich and perfect support for the GD32 ecosystem. Risc-v development ecology, including various development boards and application software, is also ready. Users of GD32V series products can easily realize the design concept with new development tools and program code base.The new development tools include gd32vf103v-eval full function evaluation board, gd32vf103r-start, gd32vf1033c-start and gd32vf103t-start entry-level learning board, which can correspond to four different packages and pins, to facilitate the development and debugging of users.In addition, gd32vf103-bldc motor control development board, gd-link debugging mass production tool and a series of GD32 risc-v terminal design solutions from partners are provided.

Trillion easy innovation to joint core science and technology also provides a free integrated development environment GD32V series MCU Nuclei Studio.This new IDE is based on the open source Eclipse architecture and integrates with GCC, OpenOCD and risc-v related tools.Users can quickly get started and easily complete a series of development processes such as code writing, cross-compilation, online debugging and program burning.IDE and tool options are also available from third-party partners, including Huawei IoT Studio, SEGGER j-link V10 and Embedded Studio.Embedded operating systems including micc /OS II, FreeRTOS, rt-thread, Huawei LiteOS, etc. have been fully adapted and can connect directly to the cloud.These all greatly simplify the development difficulty.

Start the risc-v development experience right away

The GD32V series of new products all meet industrial high reliability and temperature standards, and provide at least 10 years of continuous supply guarantee.The ESD protection level of the chip can reach up to 5KV in the human body discharge mode (HBM) and 2KV in the device discharge mode (CDM), which is far higher than the industry safety standard, so it is suitable for complex environment and makes terminal products more reliable and durable.

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